Demystifying the Technical Functions of POS Solutions

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“The best POS for your needs!” Messaging like this promises a lot, but says very little, leaving business leaders to uncover what exactly “the best POS” means. 

Forrester’s Demystifying the Technical Functions of POS Solutions Report, presented by Orium and NewStore, prepares leaders for the challenge. Leveraging the function-first tech buying framework, this report equips buyers with knowledge to assess and understand tech capabilities in the POS space.

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The Power to Deconstruct POS Solutions

The report helps break down and define:

  • Core functions of a POS
  • How core functions support transactions and inventory management
  • Common functions of a POS
  • How common functions support customer engagement

With a frame of reference, buyers will be able to select a POS solution that answers their commerce needs—whether it’s their existing POS, a new POS, or a specialty POS.

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