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How Ambitious Brands Are Leveraging Composable Commerce

As online shopping continues to grow, business models have failed to adapt to the more aggressive shift to digital commerce. As a result, many brands struggle to identify consumer trends and adjust their customer experiences to meet those expectations. One reason was that their technology stack was too inflexible to keep pace with changing markets.

Now ambitious brands are leveraging composable commerce to take control of their omnichannel retail journeys and accelerate their ability to innovate around customer experience and commercial models.

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How is your brand positioned to decouple front and backend e-commerce components?

Download the playbook to learn about the best-of-breed tech that provides the foundations of a curated commerce suite, accelerating your ability to deliver premium digital experiences. Topics include how your brand can:

  • Assemble microservices without needing to replatform
  • Leverage data for every channel you want to sell on
  • Make migrations much more effective

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