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Robots Among Us: Bot Index Ranking

A ranking of consumer comfort levels with 70 different new and emerging technologies. Each technology was given a score from 1-10, with higher scores representing more accepted technologies, based on the percentage of respondents who indicated they would feel comfortable interacting with it.

Robots Among Us Bot Index -  Website Use

Loyalty Program App

Loyalty programs have been around for a long time, but the digital versions gained popularity during the pandemic.




Loyalty apps jumped over 10 spots and a full index point, indicating consumers are embracing this crucial engagement tech for brands.

10-R-Package Delivery Drone

Package Delivery Drone

Last-mile delivery and other fulfillment challenges make package delivery drones an appealing option for brands, but consumers are wary of the “invasive” tech solution.




Despite their hesitance, consumers see the value in delivery drones. They may not be ready yet, but there’s every reason to believe they will be soon.


AR Shopping

Major players have implemented AR shopping tech well, especially in beauty and home decor, but the full value of this solution has yet to be realized.




Consumers are still figuring AR tech out and their mixed feelings indicate a need to find the right fit before launching a new AR implementation.


Survey Technologies


Healthcare Chatbot 

Interactive Therapeutic Robot 

Surgical Robot 

Robot Nurse

Virtual Call w/ Doctor

Chatbot Therapist

Fitness Tracker

Health Management

Device (e.g. Insulin Pump)

Video Call - Therapy

Home Automation

Smart TV 

Robot Vacuum 

Smart Speaker

Smart Home Automation 

Home Smart Doorbell

Home Smart Plug

Home Smart Thermostat

Home Smart Lighting

Smart Home Security


Self-checkout Kiosk 

Buy Online, Pick-up In Story

Mobile Wallet

Loyalty Program App 

Curbside Pickup 

Swipe-and-go Cashierless Checkout

Self-scan Smart Shopping Cart

Customer Service Chatbot

In-store Facial Recognition 

AI Targeted Smart Ad 

In-store AI Smart Mirror 


Digital Clothing Measurement

Retail Sales Floor Robot

AR Shopping


Adaptive Cruise Control 

Lane Departure Assist 

Automatic Park Assist 

Self-parking Valet 

Autonomous Driving 

Self-Driving Truck 

Self-Driving Taxi 

Passenger Drone

Electric Vehicle


AR Smartphone App


VR Headset 

VR Workplace Training

VR Workplace

VR Education

Smart Glasses 

Exoskeleton (Assisted Mobility) 

Exoskeleton (Workplace)


Video Call

Smartphone Assistant

VR Call with Family/Friends

Facial or Fingerprint ID

Biometric Scanning

Capability Enhancement Device (Neuralink)

Hospitality & Travel

Passport Control Kiosk 

Hotel Check-in Kiosk 

Hotel Check-in Robot

Hotel Concierge Robot (Mobile)

Hotel Room Service Robot 

AR Directions 

AR Tourism

AR Translation

VR Tourism


Artificial Vision Device 


Shelving and Inventory Robot 

Package Delivery Robot 1 

Package Delivery Robot 2 (Human-like)

Package Delivery Drone

Helper Robot

Automated Production Line

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